Even though Britain enjoys one of the best road safety records in the world, every day, around six people die on UK roads.


Accident Claims have created a road accident map to highlight the startling number of road accidents that occur each day; some of them right on your doorstep.

Plotting the latest government data, the map includes all reported road accidents that occurred during 2011, including the details of the incident and demographics of those involved.

Using the map you can can enter a postcode to view accident information or click a region and zoom to an area or interest. You can then refine your search to show data involving various filters. For example, what kind of vehicle was involved, the weather conditions at the time, and the severity of the incident.

Not only this, but if you have been involved in a collision yourself, also have the ability to register and enter the details of the incident.

The information that people enter will then help to create safer roads, as Accident Claims plan to use this data to campaign for local improvements should clusters begin to appear in an area.

The map was created as an easy-to-use source of important information and to reinforce the vital message spread by Road Safety Week (19th-25th November 2012). Created by Brake, Road Safety Week aims to prevent road accidents and provide support to victims, an initiative which Accident Claims fully supports.

This map has been made available by Accident Claims



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