Dave Hamilton


Congratulations to Dave.
“My name is Dave Hamilton, I have been an ADI for 26 years.
I had completed numerous Check Tests under the old format, but had never had to do the new Standards Check.
You can imagine my reaction when the appointment dropped through my door, with my Standards Check test date.
I started calling training associations for help and advice, but to gain the help I needed I had to book onto an expensive course and take a day off work, with the cost of the course and the loss of a day’s earnings this was not practical.
I then came across SmartDriving’s Standards Check Success course, it had all the content – both comprehensive videos to help and advise me as well as a written guide.
I took my Standards Check following the guidelines and low and behold gained a grade A! I can’t thank SmartDriving enough, and I did not need to pay for an expensive course or have to take time off work.
I would recommend this training to anyone looking for help with their Standards Check.”

Keith Arksey - Grade A Instructor

Congratulations to Keith Arksey – ‘Grade A’ Instructor!
Keith passed his Standards Check in Blyth today.
Keith used ‘Standards Check Success’ to prepare – Well done Keith!

Keith Arksey - Grade A Instructor


Keith passed his Standards Check in July 17 after completing Standards Check Success and achieved a Grade A.

“It’s a great package. Lots of valuable information, very easy to absorb and which can be repeated at your leisure, as necessary.”
I’ve just got back to earth, after taking my Standards Check, today. What a relief! I’m delighted that I achieved an A, with 45/51, but kicking myself for tripping up on a few elements.
I’ve been an ADI since 96, when my training was very instructor lead, with me telling the pupils things, rather than the client centred approach that’s been adopted over the last few years. I never felt 100% comfortable with the ‘telling’ part, and worked hard, from the outset, to involve my pupils in the learning process. I’d had 22 years’ teaching behind me and it seems common practice for teachers was not common practice for instructors.
Apart from a mess up on my very first Check Test, I’ve always achieved Grade 5. This was my first Standards Check, so I decided to use the SmartDriving Standards Check resource to help me prepare and get a sound understanding of what was expected of me. In essence, the two tests simply want to see effective learning, but the Standards Check requires much more in the way of client centred approach, with important elements of sharing of responsibility, consequences, client centred goals and so on. This will be very new territory for some instructors, I suspect.

“Easy to understand”

The resource is substantial and comprises 4 elements. A collection of documents, and three sets of videos. The documents which take you through the principles of client centred learning and how this works in a lesson that’ll match the requirements of the Standards Check – it’s all in good detail, easy to understand, posing much food for thought. You can access and work through the course online, moving through the sections very easily, it’s also possible to download all elements so you can access when you’re offline, so you can grab a document or video during the day if you have time!
Rather than attending a practical course, requiring me to take time away from work, travelling and other costs, I can go through this as many times as I feel necessary. Very cost-effective and time-effective.
The documents, ‘Introduction and Resources’ has 21 documents, starting with an introduction to the Standards Check, Course Introduction, Learners Goals, Lesson Structure and so on. There’s a lot to go through and it’s expected to take several weeks to go through the complete course. I took a couple of months, grabbing study time as and when I could.
Advice from the programme is that, if your Check is within a few weeks, then go to the Videos first.
There are FAQs videos, head to head format with the two presenters, Graham Lucas and John Farlam. Very simple, short videos of 2 – 3 minutes, typically answering the basics and really straightforward.

Questions included, What are the differences between Check Test and Standards Check?, How long does the test take?, Can I opt for role play? How do I choose my learner? (remember, ‘learner’ can be a qualified driver (we’re all learners, in that context). My learner was an experienced business driver, so my lesson had focus on driving – business issues.
There are 16 Lesson videos, filmed in-car, with Examiner in the back of the car, behind the driver, as per the Check, who’s real role was to keep technical stuff, ie sound, ok. The videos are very well structured, identifying a theme for the video, inc Discussing Initial Risks, identifying goals, Starting to Drive, Changing the Lesson Plan and so on. John is playing the role of the learner, with Graham the instructor. The videos match the ideas, principles and processes needed for the Check and isn’t presented as a lesson to copy for your Standards Check! Videos are 3 to 5 minutes long so easy to understand and keep track of what’s being delivered.
Finally, there are 15 videos, again, in-car, and including some role play. These are looking at the specifics of the marking sheet and how they match with previous videos with additional role play for illustration purposes. Really useful to get home how the previous documents and videos have helped to match what’s required with what you need to do to succeed.

“It’s a great package “

It’s a great package. Lots of valuable information, very easy to absorb and which can be repeated at your leisure, as necessary.
My personal addition to my comments on the resource is that I didn’t get my timing right. The session is one hour. Mine started at 10 15 and the Examiner needed me back at 11 15. What I’d not sufficiently appreciated was the 3-4 minutes outside the test centre when my ADI badge was checked, and I was told a very simple overview of what was required. I needed to provide some background to the learner and what I expected the theme of the lesson to be. On to the car, settling down to the lesson and initial brief. By this time is was about 10 25. Back by 11 15 – in reality that was ‘back by 11 10 + essential debrief, so the hour lesson that I had in my mind was now 45 minutes. I haven’t delivered a one hour less on for years, finding 90 mins to 2h being most effective.
I found this to be a distraction from the start and was genuinely instrumental in a couple of mistakes on my part – losing me a few points in the process. So, I recommend you really appreciate the actual time that you’ll have.
It’s a great package and with a money back guarantee. Pass the Standards Check or your money back. I don’t want to fail and get a refund and I’m confident the high quality of the resources are a safe bet that SmartDriving won’t be handing out refunds, either!

Keith Arksey DVSA ADI – Grade A


Sama Ra


Standards Check Success review –
Salma Ra: ADI Trainer, Standards Check Trainer, BTec Level 4 Coach had this to say of ‘Standards Check Success’…
“I would firstly like to thank you for all the hard work you and the team at Smart driving are doing in continuing to support us to deliver first class training.
I have gone through the standards check videos and have found them to be informative and easy to understand.
They are invaluable to help anyone who is interested to understand and practice the skills needed to gain success at their standards check and beyond.
Kind Regards
Standards Check Success or your money back.

Andrew Love

Standards Check Success – another great testimonial!
Thanks to Andrew Love for a top review – top industry expert, top trainer (loads of 6:6s!!) and top bloke…
Andrew said:
Congratulations to Andrew.
Hi Adam,
I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to John and the team for producing this super Standards Check guide. I found it very easy to use, I prefer to watch videos to learn so I watched the videos first and then read through the course notes to confirm what I picked up.
The videos stood out because of the following:-
1 Bite size
I could see myself reviewing the videos between lessons and practicing the skills with my next client.
I find it easier to break things into small chunks to practice and reflect on my progression.
2 Frequent reviews of information within each video
I found the recaps of information very useful, I was given the subject, it was reviewed and then reinforced by replaying part of the subject.
All of the reviews were highlighted with a ‘Key learning points’ bubble and the subtitles on screen. This made it easier for me to focus of the key points. There was also some colour coding so I knew which part of the course it information referred to.
3 Demonstrating good practice
Not only do you get the topic covered but John and Graham demonstrate how to conduct a great lesson. For me, one of the ways I learn is to copy someone who I think does a great job, the videos give me an idea of what a good lesson should look like.
I’ve followed John’s advice for a very long time, so I know it works, the Smartdriving online Standards Check course pulls all the great information into one place. It means that I don’t need to take time off work to attend a single day course in which I need to take so much away with me without practicing, and I lose a days income. I can learn at my own pace in very small chunks, which I can revisit time after time until I feel I’ve got the learning outcomes.
The price is very affordable.
Andrew Love


Another great review for Standards Check Success…
Pass your Standards Check or Your Money Back!
“First of all John, a big thank you for the work that you Graham and Adam have put into the standards check success.
I have found it extremely helpful in understanding the requirements and the full explanation of what each heading means on the form.
I have recommended it to two of my recently passed ADIs.
Look after yourself.
All the best
Paul Box”

Simon Calvert DVSA ADI


Congratulations to Simon Calvert – well done – Grade A!
Testimonial to follow!
Pass your Standards Check or Your Money Back!


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