Peter Skelton - 'A' Grade Driving Instructor

Congratulations to Peter Skelton who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read Peter’s’ testimonial:
“I signed up for ‘standards test success’ around 3 months ago and worked through all the reading material and videos. There is a huge amount of fantastic information that will help anyone, not only pass their standards check but more importantly, make them better instructors. I took my standards check today and I achieved a grade A with a score of 46 out of 51.”

Tim James - 'Standards Check Success'

Congratulations to Tim James who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read Peter’s’ testimonial:
“Good Morning,

After struggling to teaching myself but successfully passing my part 3 in 2016 (PST format test) I had always worried a little about when my first standards check would arrive and how I would cope with that.

When the brown invitation letter arrived, I started straight away to again teach myself to pass. I watched the inevitable You Tube videos, tried to read some confusing books and web pages, and then luckily came across SmartDriving and the “Standards Check Success” App.
Finally something tangible, that was so easy to use, easily understood, to the point and straight forward. Nobody telling me, Do it this way or that way. A video based app explaining what each section of the standard check form meant and what is required with some great explanatory role play videos to back it up.

I whole heartedly recommend subscribing to “Standards Check Success” I know without it I most certainly would not have passed my standards check let alone at first attempt.
Thank you everyone at SmartDriving, i’m already looking to see how your other products can help me as an ADI or my pupils.”


Tim James
Tim James Driver Training & Development


David Jeremy - Grade 'A' Driving Instructor

Congratulations to David Jeremy who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read David’s’ testimonial:
“”Hello John and Graham,
Thank you for your Email, regarding the above.
On my part 3 I gained a 5 On my first check test I gained a 5plus as the examiner said I was a little off for a 6. No matter, I was pleased as I had seriously struggled with role play.
I am now grade A .
All this is thanks to you who made it seem so easy which it is with great tuition and the right tools for the job.
My second point is the website is very professional as I would expect from smart driving .
Well done Gentleman for offering us instructors new and old the very best in training.
Kind regards and all the best for this new venture.
David Jeremy.””

Chris Fairless

Congratulations to Chris Fairless who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read Chris’ testimonial:
“A big thank you for your Standards Check Success course.
I found the content both informative and easy to follow in logical bite size chunks. I particularly found useful the videos explaining each section of the SC1 form in detail.
And the best testimony I can give is that I passed my first Standards Check !!
Chris Fairless”

Linda Brooks Grade A ADI

Congratulations to Linda Brooks who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read Linda’s testimonial:
As soon as I opened the Standards Check app I knew it suited me in the way I learn. To actually watch the videos was a great help to me.
The people behind the scenes made my SC much easier.
Linda Brooks”

Iain McLaughlan

Congratulations to Iain McLaughlan who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read Iain’s testimonial:
“The online course complimented the studying I did for my Standards Check.
It helped to see the clips to make the studying relevant.
I liked the way it was broken down into small ‘bite sized’ chunks so that I could absorb it so much better.”
Kind regards

Iain McLaughlan
07843 565 769″


Simon Calvert DVSA ADI


Congratulations to Simon Calvert – well done – Grade A!
Testimonial to follow!
Pass your Standards Check or Your Money Back!


Matt Sturman DVSA ADI

Congratulations to Matt Sturman Grade A ADI!
My name is Matt Sturman and I used Standards Check Success to pass my Part 3 test with a score of 47 which got me a Grade A.
The videos were extremely informative and easy to follow with important elements which I used for the test.
John and the team really know their business and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
I would give them a Grade A.
Well done and thank you.

Matt Sturman

Keith Arksey - Grade A Instructor

Congratulations to Keith Arksey – ‘Grade A’ Instructor!
Keith passed his Standards Check in Blyth today.
Keith used ‘Standards Check Success’ to prepare – Well done Keith!


Another great review for Standards Check Success…
Pass your Standards Check or Your Money Back!
“First of all John, a big thank you for the work that you Graham and Adam have put into the standards check success.
I have found it extremely helpful in understanding the requirements and the full explanation of what each heading means on the form.
I have recommended it to two of my recently passed ADIs.
Look after yourself.
All the best
Paul Box”

John Lamb DVSA ADI

Congratulations to John Lamb who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!
Read John’s testimonial here:
“I used the videos on Standards Check Success as the basis for my part 3 test.
With the training I had received coupled with what I gleaned from Standards Check success, I achieved a first time pass, just short of a grade A pass.

John Lumb”

Sama Ra


Standards Check Success review –
Salma Ra: ADI Trainer, Standards Check Trainer, BTec Level 4 Coach had this to say of ‘Standards Check Success’…
“I would firstly like to thank you for all the hard work you and the team at Smart driving are doing in continuing to support us to deliver first class training.
I have gone through the standards check videos and have found them to be informative and easy to understand.
They are invaluable to help anyone who is interested to understand and practice the skills needed to gain success at their standards check and beyond.
Kind Regards
Standards Check Success or your money back.

Andrew Love

Standards Check Success – another great testimonial!
Thanks to Andrew Love for a top review – top industry expert, top trainer (loads of 6:6s!!) and top bloke…
Andrew said:
Congratulations to Andrew.
Hi Adam,
I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to John and the team for producing this super Standards Check guide. I found it very easy to use, I prefer to watch videos to learn so I watched the videos first and then read through the course notes to confirm what I picked up.
The videos stood out because of the following:-
1 Bite size
I could see myself reviewing the videos between lessons and practicing the skills with my next client.
I find it easier to break things into small chunks to practice and reflect on my progression.
2 Frequent reviews of information within each video
I found the recaps of information very useful, I was given the subject, it was reviewed and then reinforced by replaying part of the subject.
All of the reviews were highlighted with a ‘Key learning points’ bubble and the subtitles on screen. This made it easier for me to focus of the key points. There was also some colour coding so I knew which part of the course it information referred to.
3 Demonstrating good practice
Not only do you get the topic covered but John and Graham demonstrate how to conduct a great lesson. For me, one of the ways I learn is to copy someone who I think does a great job, the videos give me an idea of what a good lesson should look like.
I’ve followed John’s advice for a very long time, so I know it works, the Smartdriving online Standards Check course pulls all the great information into one place. It means that I don’t need to take time off work to attend a single day course in which I need to take so much away with me without practicing, and I lose a days income. I can learn at my own pace in very small chunks, which I can revisit time after time until I feel I’ve got the learning outcomes.
The price is very affordable.
Andrew Love

Dave Hamilton


Congratulations to Dave.
“My name is Dave Hamilton, I have been an ADI for 26 years.
I had completed numerous Check Tests under the old format, but had never had to do the new Standards Check.
You can imagine my reaction when the appointment dropped through my door, with my Standards Check test date.
I started calling training associations for help and advice, but to gain the help I needed I had to book onto an expensive course and take a day off work, with the cost of the course and the loss of a day’s earnings this was not practical.
I then came across SmartDriving’s Standards Check Success course, it had all the content – both comprehensive videos to help and advise me as well as a written guide.
I took my Standards Check following the guidelines and low and behold gained a grade A! I can’t thank SmartDriving enough, and I did not need to pay for an expensive course or have to take time off work.
I would recommend this training to anyone looking for help with their Standards Check.”

Rajnikant Varsani Grade A ADI

Congratulations to Rajnikant Varsani who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read Ranji’s testimonial:
“Whilst I have attended various one days Standard Check workshops and Seminars over past few years, I found Standard Check Success Videos helpful and invaluable and was delighted to achieve an A Grade on my standard check test 10th May 2018, I would recommend it to other ADIs”
Rajnikant Varsani ADI Grade A”

Hardial Singh ADI

Congratulations to Hardial Singh who passed his Standards Check with Standards Check Success!

Read Hardial’s testimonial:
Hi Adam
I am really enjoying Standards Check Success!
Very informative indeed….well done guys…..keep up the good work!


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