SmartDriving is one of the UK’s largest and most experienced Driving Instructor Training companies.
We are the ONLY company to win 3 prestigious ‘Golden L Plate’ Awards – voted for by Driving Instructors.
Our training courses have been researched, developed and designed based on our experience spanning five decades of Driver Training and delivery of Professional Development courses to ADIs.
Our success is second to none.
EVERY SINGLE trainee that has completed our course in full has qualified as a Driving Instructor. Complete the course, and you will succeed – in fact, we guarantee it, or your money back.

DVSA's Official 'Seal of Approval' - ORDIT


SmartDriving is also a member of the Government’s Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT) scheme, meaning the DVSA have assessed our courses, trainers, processes, office and premises to ensure we meet their standards.
The DVSA Assessor said in our inspection:
“This is exceptional. It is of the highest standard.
This is how everyone should do it. I’m really impressed”

High praise indeed.

Training Hours

Your training course will cover over 300+ hours of instructor training, ‘virtual classrooms’ and coaching sessions, structured practise exercises and detailed study resources in easy-to-study, ‘bite sized’ modules – all covered in our exceptional iCoursePro.
You can study the iCoursePro at times to suit you; to fit in with your lifestyle. iCoursePro allows you to study over-and-over again, to ensure you understand the subjects. And as a bonus, we provide you with all references books and materials needed and in addition, once you have completed the iCoursePro work, up to 76* hours with our Specialist Trainers.

Preparing for Part 1

The iCoursePro Theory is broken into easy to follow ‘bite-sized’ sections to help you study, learn and understand. The comprehensive syllabus helps you build a knowledge of the DVSA reference material and Driving Theory.
Our expert team is available to provide you with UNLIMITED support as you prepare and study for Part 1.

Preparing for Part 2

The iCoursePro Driving section is broken into easy to follow ‘bite-sized’ modules to help you study, learn and understand. The syllabus is designed so nothing is left to chance. With a step-by-step approach, we develop your knowledge using structured video tutorials and visual training systems all created by our experts.
Using our structured, practical exercises to guide you, you will build your skills, ability and knowledge of driving. To help you further, our expert training team provide UNLIMITED tutor support for Part 2 – we are always ready to help you. You can practise at times to suit you, and remember that you can repeat iCoursePro as often as you like – truly unlimited training and support.
Once the iCoursePro work is complete, we will assess your understanding and knowledge with one of our Specialist Trainers with 8 hours* of bonus in-car training.

Preparing for Part 3

The iCoursePro is once again broken into easy to follow ‘bite-sized’ step by step sections.
Using comprehensive video tutorials, structured practise exercises, step by step visual training systems and coaching exercises, the comprehensive syllabus will cover: communication skills; route planning; pupil observation and assessment; basic coaching skills; the 3 ‘main’ competencies and 17 ‘sub’ competencies; fault identification and analysis; level of instruction; control of lesson; question and answer; feedback and encouragement and the test preparation. Once the iCoursePro course work is complete, to develop and assess your understanding and knowledge, you will have up to 68 bonus hours* with one of our Specialist Training team.
You can repeat iCoursePro as often as you like and remember that you can practise at times to suit you too. We are always ready to help you as our expert training team provides UNLIMITED tutor support for Part 3.
In the unlikely event that you fail a test, we can provide further training with one of our Specialist Training Team and in the even more unlikely event that you should fail three attempts, we will provide full training at no extra cost to prepare for the process again.

No-one else offers this level of training and support for you.

Course Timeframes

Your iCoursePro is designed to take between 4 and 9 months to complete and can be structured around your commitments.

If you go on a trainee licence, then you will need to allow a further 6 months before becoming qualified. (we will extend your course to cover your trainee licence period!)

The DVSA only allow 2 years to qualify before they make you start again. This is why it is so important to complete the course inside the 12 month timeframe to allow you the flexibility with the trainee licence and the room incase you fail a test..

But don’t worry, we give you structured timeframes to maximise progress.

Our ‘Intensive Course’ gives you ‘priority status’ to be completed as quickly as possible.
Call us on 0800 09 88 321 to discuss the best option for you.
In either case, your training contract with us is for 12 months.

iCoursePro - Easy to follow

Follow our 5 step process


The easy to follow ‘bite-sized’ modules help you study, learn and understand. Nothing is left to chance as we develop your knowledge of each topic, step by step using structured video tutorials, step by step visual training systems and UNLIMITED tutor support…

Step 1

Build your skills and expertise as you complete an online module in the structured iCoursePro. This is where your knowledge really takes huge steps forward: watch, learn, drive and repeat as much as is necessary.

Step 2

Based on the expert knowledge gained in Step 1, practise your understanding and build your skills and ability in your car using our practical exercises to guide you.

Step 3

Back to iCoursePro to compare your work. The step-by-step layout will ensure you are completing each element correctly. Any issues, discuss with our online tutors – after all, you have unlimited support.

Step 4

We deliver ‘virtual classrooms’ online throughout the course, on topics to aid, support and build your knowledge. To allow you to develop an understanding second to none, each ‘virtual classrooms’ online has exercises and reflections to complete.

Step 5

You will have an in-depth understanding and high skill level after completing each stage of the course.

For the final stage of your course, meet your Specialist Trainer where everything you have learnt and studied – all of the study, practice and coursework – will be assessed, polished and honed and put into use in ‘real-life scenarios’.

SmartDriving’s iCoursePro

300+ hours. Up-to 76* bonus hours with a trainer.

This is the most comprehensive yet most simple way to train as a driving instructor.

What you will need

To be able to complete iCoursePro you will need:

  • Internet connection – 2MBPS wifi or 3G is adequate.
  • The latest version of your device’s Operating System and browser – this should be updated free of charge from your service providers. Check yours here:
  • A PDF reader. Adobe Reader is excellent – and is free. Get the latest version here.
  • A printer – the brilliant HP deskjet range is available from Tesco for £24.99 (you will need a printer for life as an ADI)
  • Paper and ink – Tesco offer the HP ink at just £7-10 and a ream of paper for just £2.50. Setting your printer to ‘draft’ or ‘rough’ will avoid wasting ink.


Time with our Specialist trainers

*You may have noticed a few asterisks above. We will provide up-to 76 hours of face-to-face training with one of our Specialist Trainers at no extra cost to you – as long as you meet our course terms and conditions.


To maximise your chances of success (and to also validate our course guarantee), we want you to complete your coursework and achieve certain targets within certain time-frames. We know from our many, many years of experience in this industry that taking longer than an ‘academic year’ of 9 months will diminish your chances of success, so :

  • We want you to pass the Part 1 test within 5 months of starting your course. We will ask for you to satisfactorily complete the online Theory work before you go to the test and within 4 months of starting your course.
  • We want you to pass the Part 2 test within 7 months of starting your course. We will ask for you to satisfactorily complete the online Driving work before you go to the test and within 6 months of starting your course.
  • We want you to sit the Part 3 test within 10 months of starting your course. We will ask for you to satisfactorily complete the online Teaching within before you go to the test and within 8 months of starting your course work.
  • Then, should you go onto a Trainee Licence, there is the legal requirements of the licence itself and the extra training and time limits from the DVSA that you must ensure you adhere to – and we want to help you do this.


If you do not adhere to this, we cannot be certain of your ability for the test nor your readiness for the modules we will cover in the face-face sessions. For this reason, if you do not complete your course work in full and in the above time frames, you will be in breach of your course terms and not entitled to any face-face-training free of charge.


We want to be certain of your success. We want you to pass!

If you are thinking of becoming a driving instructor then I can't rate SmartDriving highly enough.

The training system is excellent the virtual classrooms are enjoyable and very informative and Andrew and the team are always available to answer any queries, not matter how trivial.

Top Team who assisted me greatly in obtaining my ADI Licence.

Richard Hart

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