Craig Jordan DVSA ADI

Congratulations to Craig Jordan – Another Part 3 pass!
Craig qualified last week in Bletchley. Well done Craig!
A special thanks and ‘well done’ too, to our Specialist ADI Trainer Matt Stone and all the rest of the Training team.
Well done all round!

Craig worked on a trainee licence with Matt at his Driving School, Let’s Instruct and is continuing his new career with them.

Craig had this to say:

“The training was split into 3 parts; Theory, Practical Driving and Teaching. Now if you looking for a quick ride to a new career then this is not for you as you get out of the course what you put in.
Theory – Reference books and internet work modules were provided, giving me everything I needed to get ready to pass the Theory Test. All the modules had to be worked through and when completed sent off to be checked. Once it was verified the work had reached the required level then I was advised to book my part 1 ADI qualification (Theory).
I was amazed at how much I had learned and the effort I had put into the modules meant I breezed through the test.
Driving – So again there were lots of tuition videos and work modules to go through. Once these were completed the practical training was arranged with my Instructor Matt Stone.
Now I knew I had some work to do with bad habits etc from working through the modules but the practical training highlighted all the flaws I had to fix. Matt was excellent and really helped me correct my faults and filled in any gaps in my driving skills. By following all I was taught, reviewing the tuition videos and putting in the practice on my own, by the time my Part 2 test came round I was confident in my ability to pass.
Teaching – So more tuition videos and modules to work through then leading to the 40 hrs practical in car teaching training again with Matt.
This is where the real hard work begins but again if you worked through all the modules correctly and continued to review all the teaching videos it becomes easier.
There is a tuition video for every lesson you might teach with an instructor putting a pupil through a lesson so if you know what your doing the next day in your practical a little revision the night before helps.
The guidance and support given by Matt was great and I felt ready to start teaching on a trainee licence at the end of this training.
Passing my part 3 – Matt was on hand for an additional 20 hrs while I was teaching on my trainee licence and again this was invaluable.
This training consisted of Matt sitting in on some of my lessons and then giving feedback on where I could make improvements and tweak things to give the best lessons. By the time I took my part 3 I felt confident in my ability and passed first time.
I would advise anyone looking to become an ADI to talk to Matt and his team and if your willing to put in the effort there the ones to help you achieve your goals.”

Good luck in your new career Craig Jordan DVSA ADI!

If you are thinking of becoming a driving instructor then I can't rate SmartDriving highly enough.

The training system is excellent the virtual classrooms are enjoyable and very informative and Andrew and the team are always available to answer any queries, not matter how trivial.

Top Team who assisted me greatly in obtaining my ADI Licence.

Richard Hart

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