P3 Module 11 update/recap

P3 – Preparing for Test – Module 11 Update

These notes are designed to help trainers to understand what we are doing to help customers with Part-Three, in particular, Module 11 of our practical training.
There are three essential elements for exam preparation (assuming that customers have reached ‘exam ready’ status in terms of their skills and abilities.
The elements are:
1. To prepare and plan for the ‘final pre-test session’ with you (that we call ‘Module 11’)
2. To understand what to expect during the Module 11 training session
3. Our review session with the customer after this session.
In the video below, John and Adam have a 30 minute discussion about the process around Module 11 (M11).

Module 11 Video

1. Planning for Module 11
Before attending the final pre-test training module we ask all customers (both on a Trainee Licence and ‘straight to test’ customers who do not take out a licence) to:
1. Complete a weekly ‘Lesson reflection’ document;
2. Complete a monthly ‘Lesson Plan’ document;
3. Attend the weekly PDI Surgeries* – as often as possible.
The lesson reflections are short self-evaluation projects that ask the student to evaluate a lesson that they have delivered and how they could improve it.
Lesson plans are practise preparation for the test lesson plan – as with everything else, practise makes ‘perfect’.
The documents above help to form the basis the of training with you in Module 11 and for discussion an peer review in PDI surgeries.
*the PDI Surgeries have proved extremely popular and what we are finding is that there is certainly a pattern of regular attendance and participation in the surgeries, and the submission of and participation of the reviews of the lesson plans, produces test success….


2. Module 11 in-car
We will ask the trainee to prepare a provisional ‘test plan’ in advance of this session. The session can then be used to further develop, or if necessary, completely revise the plan.
During the first hour of the (four hour) session you will ideally watch the student deliver a lesson to the driver that they will be using during the test. This will help you to determine whether the test plan is appropriate and how much revision is required.
If it is not possible to observe the test pupil you will need to get as much information as you can based on discussion and questions. However, we will stress the importance of an observed session with the test driver.
After you have observed the lesson with the test driver the next task is to review the test lesson plan considering whether it is appropriate for the driver in question, the route suitability and key areas for development, along with a focus on any specific weak areas that the student has shown in their teaching.
When a plan is agreed you can then ‘run the lesson’ in role-play considering adaptions/contingencies, reflections, job sharing (risk sharing), etc., and assess performance against competencies.
It’s important to stress that this is not a ‘rehearsal’ and that the test lesson, even though at a similar level on the same route, will be different. The aim of the session is to test the relevance and feasibility of the plan, and to offer some ideas about ‘adapting the plan on the hoof’ – do the latter by using role-play to simulate errors that are not planned for.
At the end of Module 11 session notes and reflections completed as per usual.
After the session we will then ask the PDI to submit the lesson plan to us and along with your notes and reflections, we will arrange a review, prior to test.

3. Module 11 review – pre test
Between Module 11 an the test booking we will review:
1. The M11 session notes.
2. The test Lesson Plan.
This will be discussed with the student in a 30/60 minute Zoom consultation.
Specific issues based on test results
There are some common issues that we need to be sure that the student fully understands. These include, but are not limited to:
• Watching the learner – experience is showing that many students as simply not watching enough during the test.
• Adapting the plan – some students are sticking rigidly to their plans without deviation or modification to deal with situations that arise. It is imperative the students :
1. Are aware of errors
2. Take action to deal with errors either in the context of the lesson or by changing the lesson plan (for example, driving around the block to focus on a specific issue).
• Understanding of ‘goals versus needs’ and the importance of working with the learner to determine what the lesson outcomes might be and how they can be achieved.
• Other common issues include insufficient feedback, not setting/agreeing clear ‘job sharing’ guidelines ant relevant points in the lesson and taking opportunities to reinforce learning and general safety messages via examples.
Students must be aware of the current Covid 19 protocols.

General support and other issues
We are re-iterating to the PDIs that we are here to help and we have a team of people in place to offer unlimited assistance, advice and support.


In order to ensure that students have the maximum chance of an early pass and qualification we would hope that you will encourage student participation in workshops, etc., reiterating that our support and training is an essential part of their success.
Additional training
We recognise that there will always be some students who will need additional training. However, our experience is that this might well be because they haven’t dedicated themselves to watching the course videos and some other aspects of pre- practical training as they should have done.
Trainers confirm that they can see a clear difference between those who have been diligent and those who have been ‘lax’.
We hope that you will be ‘straight’ with customers with regard to the work that is required.
When you consider that additional training is necessary, for whatever reason, we would ask that customers are always referred to us before any further training with you is arranged. This is essential to ensure that the customer is not breaking their contract with us (and losing any course guarantees as a consequence. It’s also worth noting that there is provision for additional training in specific circumstances built into the contract and we provide this as per the terms.
Student’s contracts
There have been a number of occasions where our customers have ‘disappeared’ and despite our best efforts we never get to speak to them again. We then later see they have passed (or failed!).
An irony here is that those who have passed have sometimes ended up paying far more for their qualification than they would be if they had stayed with us or partnered with one of the trusted companies that we have arrangements with. If they fail they will have lost any money-back or retraining guarantees that they had with us (as they have broken our contract).
Unfortunately there are many schools out there who are willing to ‘sign up’ students on a licence with no proper contract or structured training programme – in other words, no protection.
Respectfully, we ask that you please remember the students we refer to you for training are our customers and most are under a contract with us.
We work very hard at trying to do what we believe is a very good job. Please work with us to do this. I believe that you would agree, our record demonstrates that we want what’s best for the customers.
P3 Test Fail review
It’s a fact of life that some customers will fail – we are running ahead of national average but still get unsuccessful tests.
If a customer fails a test, we will ask the PDI to submit:
1. Their P3 Test report
2. Their own test reflections
The support team will review the report and reflections and arrange a Zoom consultation with the student to analyse the issues and work towards remedial action.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or queries about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01642 044660.

Adam Bragg


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